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As Head of Global and Commercial Learning and Development at Vodafone, Mohsin Ghafoor’s task was to raise standards in digital marketing, across the group.

“Our aim was that every marketer at Vodafone reaches what we would describe as a minimum acceptable standard of digital marketing skills, knowledge, and capability, and be able to apply that to their day job and have an impact on our customers.”

But not only does Vodafone have a very large workforce, it is also spread all over the world. Natasha Brookes is a Learning and Development Specialist at Vodafone. For her, it was clear that a digital marketing course needed an online solution.

“Vodafone is a large global organization. In order to reach all of the marketers within the different markets, what better way to do it than having one place where marketers can come and learn? And it will be a consistent learning approach.”