Hosting Services Company in Palakkad

We provide world-class server management services.

We at Sangamam Communications work with certified professionals with extensive knowledge about servers, networks, DevOps & operating systems. Not just with the years of experience, our team equipped with state of the art technology. Hire us to protect and manage your work on the server.

Web Development Company in Kerala Best Web Hosting company in palakkad
Best Web Hosting Company in Kerala
Best Web Hosting Company in Palakkad

Why Choose us for server management services?

We have a team of embellished dedicated developers who create incredibly outstanding layouts to grab the attention of every consumer who visits your website. 

Our dedicated team will identify and find a solution.

If you want real server management that works and effective implementation – Sangamam got you covered.

cPanel Support

We have a dedicated team of certified cPanel experts, can help you with cPanel Dedicated Server, cPanel VPS, cPanel Cloud Server.

Infected Website Recovery

Virus or malware can create big trouble; we will help you to restore the clean backup, or manually clean the website if the backup is unavailable.

Corrupted RAID Recovery

Corrupted RAID may result in software & data loss, don’t worry, if you RAID getsyour corrupted then we will rebuild your software or hardware.

Website Monitoring & Rescue

It is always better to be secure and ready in today’s world of digitalization; we can provide you with security from different hacking attacks.

Amazon AWS Support

For a non-tech-savvy person, it will be tough to host or transfer the website on Amazon AWS; we can also help you with this.

IP Blacklist Removal

It is not easy to delist from IP Blacklist, even after the recovery, we will entirely mend the vulnerability that let the blacklisting.

Support by Computer Science graduates

24xSupport, It’s not just about Server Management Services; it’s all about on-time Server Management Services. No matter what time it is, Call us any time; we are available to help you 24/7/365.

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Key benefits

for choosing us as a Server Management Company for your business. Click on tiles to know more

Sangamam Communications
Dedicated Team

All your servers will only handle by one of our dedicated team members. You can call them at any time of the day. Our team will also perform regular server audits and monitoring.

Sangamam Communications
White Label Support

We know the value of data, security of our customers is extremely crucial to us; we will not share any of your information and files on your server with anyone.

Sangamam Communications
100% Refund Policy

Our technical support team always tries to provide you with a complete and permanent solution. You can ask for a total refund if you are not satisfied with our services.

Sangamam Communications
Market leader

We are market-leading for 10+ years, and only because of our quality services, friendly staff, only-time support, and permanent solution, we are trusted by top brands all across the globe.

Have Questions?

Go through some of the usual questions our clients aks us

A setup fee is a charge associated with setting up or managing a server. The initial setup cost is actually expensive so we charge a fee. It can often be a one-time cost associated with using a particular service or product.

Yes, we allow it, you can use your servers to host the website. This means that you can control the ports, codecs & IPs with root access. But server Management is only possible if you allow the root access to it. Using your servers may require more technical knowledge than some people are comfortable with. If you are unsure whether or not this is the right approach for you, please contact us we will help you make a decision.

You can pay for the service with a credit card, PayPal or direct transfer method. The payment process is simple. Just follow the link and you will be redirected to the payment page where you can choose your preferred payment method. You can also pay for the service using an alternative payment method if you prefer to do so.

Yes, we do set up software from third parties. We will also set up the whole system from scratch using our own tools and methods. This ensures that the system is built to your exact specifications and meets our quality standards.

Network issues include things like performance and security.  Server hardware issues include things like the speed of the server and whether it has enough memory or storage space. Server configuration issues include things like how many users are accessing the server at any given time, what type of applications are running on each user’s account, when those applications were last updated, etc.

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